10 of the best startups in the UK from 2021

It seems like everyone is watching Vendoir, we relish the prospect of launching the app in the next few weeks. We are confident that it will be a well received product that will scale to hundreds of thousand over the next few years.



Excellent news! Congratulations guys!

Well done Team :+1:t5:,few weeks before launch, can’t wait to share what we have built in the last 6 months.

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This is great publicity however do we have a definitive launch date into Beta yet, we have been saying a few weeks for a few weeks now and I wouldn’t want confidence to fade before we have launched?


Apologies on that front. Our CTO was hoping to give a update in regards to a concrete date and what’s been going on this week but we haven’t finalised on that yet due to the messaging aspect of our app which we explained last week was a bit more challenging than anticipated.

Good news tho is that we have selected our partner for this service so we hoping to have everything wrapped up shortly, but we are still trying to conclude exactly the best date would be to release the BETA version to our waitlist. I don’t want to go in to saying exactly when we will have this out as I think it’s best to wait for our CTO to formally update shareholders but it’s looking promising and it’s around the corner.

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@aaronhand thanks for your question, just to buttress on @YJames response, we are all keen to launch the app but encountered/ some bottlenecks which have all been resolved, hence the slight delay in launching the product. The good news is we are at the final phase of the app development and following that, there would be internal testing before we release the app for Beta Testing with our focus group and investors like you. We are working tirelessly and ensuring that the product is a market fit. So every step of our development has gone through deep scrutiny and fine-tuning to ensure we launch a product that ticks all the functionality we promised. As @YJames mentioned, we would have exact timelines this week and update everyone. Thanks for your understanding and patience

Thank you both for the response it is very much appreciated and 100% agree with all your points just interested to understand timelines. I fully understand you will hit bottlenecks etc and appreciate we have been advised of these but as I say just keen to see the launch timeline and understand how this goes down within the community and the take up.

Thanks again
Aaron u

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@aaronhand, for sure, please lookout for an investor update this week where we would share our launch timeline and some key update on the APP. Thanks.

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