5 Outdoor Event Ideas for Summer 2022!

It’s no surprise that outdoor events are popular in the summer months. Spending time in the sun with your friends can bring a smile to anyone’s face. So today, we’ll share some fun outdoor event ideas to inspire your planning this summer!

  1. Outdoor BBQ – Enjoy the start of the British summer by hosting a BBQ in your garden. Gather all your friends and family for a delicious and memorable meal and enjoy food and drinks in the sun!

  2. Waterpark – Bring out your swimwear and get ready for fun slides at a waterpark! Cool down in the summer heat by playing in the waterpark with your family and friends, there is just something about water slides and wave pools that lights up the inner child in all of us.

  3. Kayaking – If you are not a fan of hitting the trails on foot, why not use a paddle and a kayak to check out all the amazing lakes, rivers, and oceans from the comfort of kayaking. This is a great idea for the people that love an adventure this summer.

  4. Funfair – How about getting ice-cream and candyfloss at a funfair, where you can enjoy all the classic games from the shooting gallery to the carousel. This is a fantastic way to spend time with your family and friends in the sun.

  5. Music Festival – For many people, music festivals are an amazing way to experience live music. Surround yourself with your friends and even make new friends at a festival, where you can dance and celebrate the summer to your favourite songs.

Have we sparked your event plans for summer? Let us know if you decide to attend any of these events!

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