5 tips for a unique wedding experience!

  1. Hangover Relief Kits

‘Cos the next day some of your guests may be feeling a little worse for wear! Hand out some pre-prepared hangover kits so that the only thing you and your guests are left with are amazing memories of a wonderful wedding day/night, instead of a head full of fog!

  1. My Advice’ Coasters

On each table or place setting at your reception, lay out drinks coasters which ask guests to write a little piece of advice or well-wishing for you as a couple. Ask them to drop the coasters into a pot at the end of the night – the great thing is that you get to take them home and read over everyone’s heartfelt messages the day after!

  1. DIY Confetti Bar

Head to an arts and crafts shop for a pre-wedding haul of all things glitter and tissue paper. Guests can head to the confetti bar (set up much like a sweet stall) to create their own little packet of confetti, to either take home with them as a keepsake or to shower the bride and groom at the end of the night. Another option is to use your confetti packets as a fun photo booth prop to make for some amazing photos! We’re also particularly fond of environmentally friendly confetti, so you can reduce the stress of any earthy mess!

  1. Video Guest Box

Instead of a traditional guest book, why not get a little interactive, and instead of written messages, hire a video kiosk so you can watch back all of your nearest and dearest wishing you well in your new chapter. You could even set up something simple yourself, with an iPad and high quality microphone to save you some £.

  1. Wedding Music – Song Request RSVP’s

Ask your guests to assist with your wedding music by sending a song request along with their RSVP. This will save you time creating the ultimate wedding party playlist and it also means there’s no excuse for your guests not to get up and dance during the reception when their fave tune comes on!



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