Android now live in BETA


By launching BETA for Android, it allows our Android users to test our BETA, we appreciate that all our Android users have been waiting patiently for our BETA to be available to download on Google Play. We always want to improve our app to ensure that it’s the best functional platform for all our users, none of this would be possible without your valuable feedback. Your insights through BETA testing are essential for us to ensure that our app runs smoothly.

What is the Vendoir BETA app? :thinking:

Before we officially release our app, it is vital that we can thoroughly test the app across all devices to ensure the functionality of the app – this is what the BETA app is for. The Vendoir BETA app is presented similarly to how it would be available in the app store. However, it is only available for users who have registered to join the BETA programme and the BETA app could possibly have bugs and errors that would need to be fixed. This is where our BETA testers come in as you will help us spot bugs and errors by testing our app! – Teamwork makes the dream work!

What to look out for when testing our BETA:

· An unresponsive action - such as tapping a button that doesn’t do anything

· Error messages - when tapping certain buttons or objects

· App crashes or screen freeze

· Display errors - such as incorrectly formatted text, or buttons and icons that seem out of place

· Connectivity errors - please include step-by-step instructions detailing what caused the error to appear

· Missing localisations - issues with app translations in other languages

What is the role of a Vendoir BETA tester? :man_shrugging:

As a BETA tester for Vendoir, you will be able to view all the functions and features of our app before the official release to our customers. You will be able to explore a whole range of features, such as browsing through vendors, view upcoming events, budget events, view your wishlist and much more! You will also be able to provide us with your valuable feedback and let us know your thoughts about the app to make it the best version available for all our users.

I want to join! How do I sign up? :person_raising_hand:

Look out for an email from us, make sure to check your junk and spam folders! Alternatively, you can join our BETA program by clicking on the link below, the link is also available in our bio across all our platforms!

Thank you for taking your time to join our BETA and testing our app, we really hope you can be a part of our journey and bring our app to life! :heart:


:metal: :metal: :metal: great news and well done to the team to get us here


Well done all, we are excited about this and look forward to our tester’s feedback.

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