Any news on the URL link

Any news on the URL links that other users have been talking about, I think they will come in really handy, as I would like to leave it in my Facebook profile.



Hi Codi,

This is something that we hope to have ready for our next release on IOS and Android


Yes this will take the app to the next level and can really help create a social element to it


It’s a shame that this doesn’t exist yet, this will make a huge difference to my business!

Hi @Paulflicks,

Sorry for the delay in the release of this feature. We have prepared many improvements to the app for the upcoming update, but it takes a lot of time to test each of them and ensure it is implemented to a high standard.

The URL for a vendor profile in particular is something that works very differently across iOS devices of different generations. Just ensuring that it works correctly on all devices is very time-consuming, but we are aiming to have this feature available for everyone before the end of the year.


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