Beta Feedback - We need your help 🙏🏼

Hi, thank you for your help
I end up with your second suggestion, the first one didn’t worked even i cleared the cashe few times.
So yeah now I’m a MC host if anyone needs a party hosted by me give a shout lol.
Why does the flicking through buttons and pages sometimes takes several seconds to load, is this something to do with the app being in development or because we all doing things in it?

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Yes in terms of the event list expanding the answer is absolutely yes. So we expect to see this dramatically grow once our App is live


I’m glad I could help with that.

Regarding the slow loading issue, this could happen the first time you try loading a page after installing the app (or clearing cache) during times when our cloud service provider experiences high demand. Once you’ve been on a particular page, it will load almost immediately the next time(s) you visit it.

However, this is something we are planning on improving closer to release, as the first user impression will be the most important and we would not want to make our users wait so long for a page to load.



I love what you guys have done, everything I found so far sims like small issues to deal with in comparison to what is already build there.
I want to try hooking up with someone through the app to use the messages and photo/video exchanges.

Also looking forward to try the verification and payments functions (but I’m guessing those will get turned on as we go forward and iron the rest?


thank you as always, there will be a series of updates on all these items over the next few weeks as we continue to optimize the app. But you should be able to message a vendor as of now

Hi, just finding out when I’ll get the code? As I wish to test?

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I can see that you have installed the app now, so I’m assuming this is fine.

I signed to beta test on android, even received the mail with the link to download, but keep getting an error. It seems my email is not on the database, or the link has an error.
Can you, please, check that?

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sorry to hear this, could you DM me your email so I can make sure the right address was added.

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Dear All,

We’re always working to make Vendoir precisely what you need when planning an event. As a beta tester, we would like to thank you for participating in this phase. Your feedback helps us decide which features to build, and what improvements should be made to our platform.

To help us make Vendoir the best it can be, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey and you’ll be automatically entered into our draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher . The winner will be announced on Monday, June 6th on here.

Start Survey: Help us improve Vendoir!

PS: Since we released version 0.22 to you a few months ago, we have reviewed your feedback and carried out further enhancements. We are pleased to announce that we are now on version 0.43 internally, which we aim to make available in the App Store and Play Store in June. Below are some of the key areas of the app that has been improved:

  • ID verification enhancement
  • Vendor search enhancement
  • Chat enhancement
  • Vendor onboarding enhancement
  • Improving screen responsiveness
  • Booking enhancement
  • Calendar and Insight enhancements
  • General bug fixes

Thank you for your support as always, in the meantime if you have any questions reach out to us at

Kind Regards,
Team Vendoir

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Hi All

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. Please help us improve vendoir by filling out a very short survey, it shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes. This will help us shape Vendoir in the right direction.

Link: Help us improve Vendoir! (


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