Bugs and fault reports

Hi guys,

Great job hitting the target guys!
I’m happy to support one of my favourite and quite possibly fast developing investments.
I wanted to report a fault, when using the Vendoir app, the latest version (update if several days ago)
on Google store.
As i tried to browse for a D’J i got kicked out the app(or stopped working as per the message I got, see the screenshot).
Same thing happened with all other vendors I tried to check.
The path is through “I’m looking for…” or by using the big buttons named “D,j” , “photo booth” “MC host” etc.

Also apologies for the following question if it has been spoken of of explained in the pitch, but I didn’t see graphic or something explaining the alocation of investments from this round till the next stage.

  1. Hiring 3/5 staff
  2. Marketing and promotion…
    something like that?
    I think you had one the first fundraising , if i remember correctly.

Also , when is Vendoir going out of London and outa UK?
Again apologies if I’m making you repead yourself, congratulations.
Regards Kristian
P.S. I almost forgot
Im using Samsung S10 plus
Android version 12

Hi Kristian,

Thank you for your valuable messages as always, we have fixed the reported bug and preparing to put out an update midweek for all our android users.

Regarding the allocation split of funds raised, it goes as follows: 45% on Marketing, 15% New Features & 40% for Team.

We plan on expanding beyond UK at some point next year, the focus now is ensuring the app catches the flywheel effect so that it gets really sticky for all users in the UK, once that has been achieved we will look to enter new countries,

Hope this answers all your questions


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