Core Features of Vendoir APP 🚀

Indeed really appreciate the support from you all the way throughout and tell me about it literally gives me goosebumps every day talking about Vendoir, I sleep and breathe Vendoir. I wouldn’t be surprised if my blood was blue at this stage :rofl: :rofl:. Moreover, we have built a fantastic app that we cant wait to share with you all.


Business cards with a personal QR code on for all vendors? First batch free when signed up as a perk. Then buy further batches when they run out.

Potential customers like what they see/hear, scan the QR code and it downloads your app and takes them straight to their profile.

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@RonnieB123 this is a brilliant idea and we have noted this down. I agree with you that QR codes can go a long way in acquiring organisers at no cost with ease. We plan to create a topic on Marketing next week as we want our investors to contribute to our strategy for our 3000+ people on the waitlist so watch out. We want to further strengthen our go-to-market strategy with great ideas from everyone :slight_smile: .


Is there any scope for a follow feature? Something along the lines of following favourite performers and the app will send a notification to the user when that performer is playing locally.

*did you know that “so-and-so” is playing at kings head pub tomorrow night?

Might be a way of people continuing to use the app between occasions they use to book an event


Yes this is something that we have in our feature pipeline, in fact it’s something we have actually already started researching prior and something we want to deliver in the next 12 months, it will be something we will touch on sooner than later