Fiat Vs Crypto 🤑

As we continue to build Vendoir we constantly run into the question of whether we should enable cryptocurrency as a payment option on our platform in the future. So as we were discussing this within our team, we thought why not extend the question to our entire community.

  • Just Fiat Currency
  • Fiat Currency & Crypto Currency

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I don’t think crypto is stable enough yet and as it’sunregulated the risks are too high. Still good to plan for it now and be ready when it takes off.


@jacquie I agree with you as the volatility and risk are too high. However, we do need to plan ahead and be ready when it becomes regulated and accepted. Totally with you on this :+1:t3:

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Totally agree with both points its something that it’s too volatile to be put in place right now. However, as we are seeing more and more government bodies starting to put a path in place for cryptocurrency, it would be smart for us to build the infrastructure now. So that shall we wish to enable the crypto facilities at a later date we can do so with a flick of a switch.

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Maybe just Fiat in the short term and including Crypto on the long term plan when it becomes more stable and there is mass adoption.

It may be useful to know about this app: who are trying to bring Crypto to the masses. (Note: I’m an investor in BitcoinPoint through Crowdcube.)

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@vishalgrg thanks for this information, and couldn’t agree more with your point of view :+1: