Friday Bites 11/10/21 - 17/10/21


Happy Friday all,

We are back with yet another edition of Friday Bites :chocolate_bar: full of progress as we continue to take strides towards our BETA Launch for people on our waitlist.

Oshoma and myself continue to work on marketing, brand awareness, and overseeing the operational elements of the business while chipping in where we can on technical aspects.

We continue to make great progress towards completing our MVP and we have started looking at the messaging element we want to use for interactions between customers and vendors. For testing purposes, Ratings & Reviews will be the last thing we work on because we consider it to be the final stage of the user and vendor journey, so it’s imperative to ensure that everything leading up to that is smooth as silk. We continue to test various features of the app simultaneously while building the app.

Lastly, we will be doing a bit of refactoring and cosmetics upgrades prior to our launch just to brush up on a few elements.

With the above said we should be in a position to launch our BETA app in the coming weeks, with integration between the backend and frontend going well withno bottlenecks thus far.

For now, it is adios, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. If you have any questions, please drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off :metal:
~ Yoma

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Great news about the beta! Can’t wait to see it in action.
Will there be a ‘share’ button implemented after booking? Being able to share the fact you’ve just booked a band, for example. Having users post all over socials that they’ve used your app to booked a vendor would be great for exposure :man_shrugging:t4:


Absolutely , @RonnieB123 this is great idea multiplatform sharing buttons, I’d wild guess here bit this is a standard in the web development at the moment so I’m thinking they’ve probably have that on already.
Also it be nice to have ability to live stream the venues accross all social media, so long as the guests and vendors don’t mind it ofcourse, but is nice to (announce/tag as live streamed) that in advance if one wants live streaming their venue


Thanks Ben we have a sharing element for every persons profile that allows individuals to share across social media. I have attached a ui of the profile view from a user end that allows this feature.

As we continue to build on our product. We will look to further improve the social element of the app whereby once someone books they can share that element too, as we strongly believe having people sharing Vendoir on all fronts and channels along with this community will no doubt be a key ingredient to us going viral and really getting that organic traction.


The ability to live stream is something that is on our ideas for the future and it’s definitely something we will get into!!


Hi @YJames you really are breathing Vendoir being so involved hats down, i mean is Sunday and I’m sure weeks are long for you guys as it is. I was wondering about features of hiring premises like hotels, restaurants, ballrooms, boats etc for parties and venues, would the app have such thing and wouldn’t it make sense to get a percentage of revenue since Vendoir would be driving trafic towards those premises?
Thank you


@StrikeLog thanks for your feedback always, good to have these discussions and brainstorming ideas. The trust of the matter is the vision for Vendoir is huge and we are excited about the capability and functionality of our app in the next few years. Venue hire is on our roadmap to onboard and this means any premises that can be used for events such as boats, hotels, halls etc. As you know, we want to be that one-stop shop for anything relating to event planning and as @YJames mentioned the majority of you, @RonnieB123 and other investors feedbacks are either part of our road map or have been captured for us to ensure we don’t miss out on these great ideas. Thanks to you and every investor who are playing a key role in sharpening Vendoir :raised_hands:t3:


I trust @OshomaZ gave you an deeper insight to your questions, in terms of breathing Vendoir you are absolutely right. We work on it everyday we have done so for the last 16 months or so. We absolutely love the growth we are seeing and cannot wait to scale this business even further with the likes of yourself supporting us. So working everyday is something we really enjoy and continue to do as we believe in Vendoir so much!!!