Friday Bites 16/08/21 - 22/08/21

Hi all :wave:,

So we got together as a team and thought we should create a weekly update :newspaper: for our community, giving you all small nibbles about what our team gets up to every week. That said, welcome to our first post of the weekly series Friday Bites.
This week has been extremely busy for everyone; time to see what everyone got up to?

Oshoma has been busy working on the push notification content of the App with me. Additionally, he has been working with our legal team, ensuring that we are fully compliant with a core focus on our T&Cโ€™s and policies. Lastly, Oshoma has been reviewing marketing proposals for our Phase 2 marketing strategy, which we are looking to implement in a few months.

Now letโ€™s see what I have been up to, besides trialing a career as a blog writer :writing_hand:. I have been busy with a few things; firstly, been working closely with Oshoma on reviewing the App contents. Besides this, I have been busy talking to various vendors to understand their pain points and how Vendoir is the solution. Lastly, great news :+1:, we got a sign-off on the Kickstarter recruitment scheme, which will see us bringing on five staff over the next 12 months in partnership with DWP.

Charles has been busy with the backend development of our app and preparing for the API integration with the frontend which is due to start in the coming weeks. We have also completed most of the relevant UI/UX work and cannot wait to share them with you soon. Overall, our app development is going well, and we are on track to launch in the coming months.

Overall, our app development is going well, and we are on track to launch in the coming months :rocket:. Itโ€™s great to see all of the works weโ€™ve put in the last 12 months, including your support about to pay off!

Until next time, if you have any questions, please drop a post or comment on the forum!
Signing off;
~ Yoma