Friday Bites 20/09/21 - 26/09/21

Hey all,

Hope your doing great and had a fantastic week. We have had another busy week here at Vendoir full of progress, carrying on from last week’s activity :hammer_and_pick:

Oshoma and I are reviewing the completed work on push notifications and email notifications for the app. We aim to have the content reviewed, before finalizing it and, we are looking for a copywriter as we speak. Our legal representatives are still reviewing our terms and conditions and hoping to have positive feedback soon. We were hoping for this week, but that has unfortunately not happened :cry:

Regarding recruitment, we are still waiting on DWP to get back to us. The API integration is progressing very well :smiley: We are edging closer and closer to having an MVP ready.

Nonetheless, we are still on track to launch in the coming months, with integration between the backend and frontend going well.
For now, it is adios, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. If you have any questions, please drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off :metal:
~ Yoma

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