Friday Bites 23/08/21 - 29/08/21

Hi all :wave:,

Another week has gone by but guess what it is Friday again :tada:. The week seems to be going by so quickly now. We hope you all had a fabulous week and, wishing you all a Happy Bank Holiday weekend in advance. That said, the show must go on and, it is time for Friday Bites once again.

To nobody’s surprise, we’ve had another busy week here at Vendoir lets see what it looked like.

Oshoma has been busy finalizing the push notification content of the app with me. Additionally, he has continued to work with our legal representatives, who are still working on finishing the T’s & C’s. As a marketplace business, we must have this right from the start, so we anticipate it may take a little longer. Lastly, Oshoma is still reviewing the marketing proposals for our Phase 2 marketing strategy and aims to conclude this next month.

Apart from finalizing the app notification content with Oshoma, I have continued my daily conversations with vendors to understand their pain points and how Vendoir is the solution. Concerning recruitment, we are looking to bring on a Growth Executive and a Social Media & Email Marketing Executive via the Kickstarter program over the coming weeks.

Charles continues to be busy with the backend development :chart_with_upwards_trend: of our app and preparing for the API integration with the frontend, which is due to start very shortly.

We are still on track to launch :rocket: in the coming months, with developments going well.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. If you have any questions, please drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off :metal:

~ Yoma