Friday Bites 30/08/21 - 05/09/21

Happy Friday all :tada:,

I hope we all had a great four-day week. The week after the bank holiday weekend is always great, knowing that it is four days till the weekend again and missing out on the Monday mayhem is always a great feeling. I’m confident that we agree on this, with that said let’s dive into this week’s Friday Bites :pizza:.

As always, there is a ton of things to do here at Vendoir. So to no surprise, we have all been busy this week.

Oshoma is still busy working on the push notification content for the app with me. We must get all the notifications for our MVP product right. As a result, we anticipate that it can take a few more weeks to conclude this. Additionally, we are happy to state that we have finished our Terms & Conditions provisionally and, our legal representatives are going over the last knots and bolts. Oshoma also held meetings this week with potential advisors :smiley: to bring onboard industry experience and expertise to the Vendoir team. The meetings went well and, we are excited about all the excitement and interest surrounding Vendoir at the moment. Lastly, Oshoma is still reviewing marketing proposals for our Phase 2 marketing strategy from different agencies and hoping to conclude this closer to our app launch.

Apart from working on the app notification :iphone: content with Oshoma, I have continued my daily conversations with vendors to understand their pain points and how we can help them. Additionally, I am excited to announce that we will be launching a series of community meetups for our Vendors in the coming weeks, so if you are a Vendor looking to use Vendoir, these meetups will be the holy grail for you. More information on this will be announced in our community forum closer to the time, so keep a lookout for it. Regarding recruitment, we are still waiting on DWP to get back to us. We have the approval already is just more around ensuring the paperwork is complete. We are still looking to bring on a Growth Executive and a Social Media and Email Marketing Executive for now.

So things have ramped up for Charles, who continues to be busy with the backend development of our app and leading on our API integration with the frontend, which has already started and progressed very well. On top of this, he continues to chair our daily stand-up meetings with our development team, which is exciting most of the time until the tech guys go into their coding language :confused: :laughing:.

Nonetheless, we are still on track to launch in the coming months, with developments going well.

P.S. if you are a crowd investor in Vendoir, you can expect a shareholder update at some point in the coming weeks from Oshoma.

For now, it is adios, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. If you have any questions, please drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off :metal:

~ Yoma