Future funding Q

Hi guys,
As we are progressing closer towards the next round of funding are you going to be able to give us a heads up(or rough estimation ) at what price point the shares would be?
Also, m’I correct to assume that you wouldn’t be opening another round of fundraising before the Vendoir beta is being launched, as having the beta available would attract more investors/ increase the value since there is a ready product.
Thank you

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@StrikeLog Happy New Year to you and hope you had a good break. Thanks for your questions, the good news is this forms part of our next shareholder’s update due this month. Please note that shareholders like yourself will always be kept informed on our next round which is due this year and we have started making preparation. Also, you are right our Beta will surely be launched in Q1 and this is part of our strategy for the next raise. All shareholders interested will be participating in testing the Beta and providing constructive feedback.

Thanks once again for your advice and support as always and we look forward to a successful 2022.


Hello everyone,
Is there any date or at least a month cleared on when the new round of fundraising will begin so I can invite my ex cruiseships colleagues to invest.

I’ve figured the best way to sort of promote Vendoir on my behalf is to invite my friends from arround the globe (whom all have worked and are in hospitality and the events, dancers, photographers, musicians, singers etc.) to get in and obviously start spreading the word before Vendoir even get to US and EU. Ex and current crew of the cruise Industry, we all know lots of other people from round the globe ( or members of groups on fb) people who had worked or are currently working in entertainment, hospitality, events etc, passengers who the crew made friends with and so on. So I’m really counting on a ripple effect here if can get say 20ppl on bord and they get another 20 each and so on, you can see where this is going in terms of numbers.
So I’ve decided to crack on with my part in connecting Vendoir with the rest of the world, that would give my friends the opportunity to follow the development and the growth of the business, perhaps bring in new ideas, engage in for real since they would own shares when Vendoir.
As people in the industry they have a clear view and sence of how needed Vendoir is for the world and what it aims to simplify.
Understanding the industry they’ll be able to enrich and add more value in all sorts of ways.
I’m also hoping this coming round we get to overfund to a higher levels as I’m kinda put off (perhaps not the only one, and please don’t get offended by any means) of how slow the development goes.
I must highlight that I completely understand why it takes so long, but my personal opinion is that Vendoir needs to find a way to speed things up a bit.
Perhaps by getting more developers on board…? I’m absolutely with you that every detail needs to be touched and tested and the pressure you feel to deliver the vision of Vendoir to it’s best, but ramping up things will also asure that Vendoir will have planty of time to focus on establishing the brand rather than on the development side of things.
We all know that exactly that is what brings in the honey, wears if it takes too long, there are no guarantees that some other app is not under development elsewhere at the same time as ours and that it wouldn’t steal the moment from Vendoir.
On the the fun part now, I’d like to thank you everyone for your hard work and wish all the best of luck and sweeping success with the Friday launch :heart::champagne::tada::notes:

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Hi @Strikelog, a pleasure hearing from you, and glad you are excited for our launch just the way we are as it is only less than 24hours to go :tada: :tada:. We are so lucky to have investors like you who are strong advocates and clearly understand the vision. Thank you for sharing Vendoir’s vision with your network and the rest of the world, as this will help us create awareness and could be a gateway for easy expansion to those countries. Please let us know if your network is available for a call later in the year to initiate discussion and see if there is any synergy that will benefit both parties. We believe in the Ripple effect, and this is what we plan to use when we go live to have strong advocates who can invite friends/families to join this journey with a reward that could help spread Vendoir faster. Our sincere apologies for the app development, but this was beyond our control as anyone could encounter bottlenecks that could impact the timeline. Please note, the resource was not the reason for the delay but upstream dependencies. However, the good news is we are now ready to launch the beta for our investors to test and provide us with feedback before we commence onboarding people from our waitlist using a phased approach. We are preparing for the next round and are positive we would achieve our target to help take Vendoir to the next level in line with our roadmap. We anticipate this will be in Q2 but we cannot confirm the date yet; however, be rest assured we would give enough notice and keep all investors updated as we make progress.