Happy new year everyone!

I wish you a very successful and productive happy new year!
I absolutley love the new feeling of the website, just noticed something while i was showing it to my partner.
Check the screenshot, few of the icons overlaped the headline under.When opened with Chrome is all good however
when going through this link[Edit] but shared on FB messenger,going through here it doesn’t seem to happen :

Hope this helps

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Happy new year to you, hope you had a fantastic break with family and friends.

Be good to know how it’s not working with chrome for you? Is it via android because it’s running smoothly for me while trying with chrome. Be good to understand the precise route to understand where the bug :bug: may come from.

Hi @YJames ,
It does work great when opening with Chrome.
But when I send the URL to a friend on the FB messenger(the chat app) it does that.
If same link is opened in Chrome or else where (in my case Brave) works mint.
And yes I’m using android phone if that helps.

Thanks for spotting this we will investigate this to find out where the :beetle: is and have this rectified prior to our launch