House Rules 🏠

These are the House Rules that we expect all members of our community to follow at all times when communicating on our platform to ensure our platform offers everyone the best value.

  • Be nice and respect others
    Just because someone has a different point of view to you doesn’t make them wrong, or a bad person.

  • No Foul Plays
    We expect everyone using our forum to feel safe and not afraid to share their own opinion; however, this said, we expect it to be polite and courteous, without the use of foul language or slurs against another person’s race, language, age, pronouns, gender or sexuality.

  • Always be Positivite
    We love positivity - in fact, this is the secret ingredient in our morning cuppa - we encourage you to share positive feedback about Vendoir, or other people. Posting negatively publicly doesn’t help situations, and you should take up any problems with the relevant person.

  • Moderation/Sanctions
    Should we, unfortunately, have to take any kind of moderation or sanction action against you, you should under no circumstance discuss this with other users of the Community. The reason(s) we take such action(s) are between the Moderation/Admin teams and yourself.

  • Do not share personal information
    Under no circumstance should you post any information that could put you, or another person in harm, and this includes PII. PII includes for example; your address, bank account number, email address and passwords. If a post of yours contains something the team deem to be PII of nature, we may temporarily remove the part and reach out to you.

  • Help others when you can
    As our Community grows, more newcomers will come. Some of them may not be au fait with how this type of Community forum works, or may find it hard to navigate slightly. Be sure to welcome new comers, and offer them any support should they need it!

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