How do you search for event vendors? 🕺

If I were to plan for an event my first instinct would be to use Google search for vendors around me. However, the biggest flaw with this method is that there is an overwhelming number of vendors to filter through. It’s generally a lot of work to research and pick the right vendor for specific events. Thankfully, Vendoir can solve these issues by gathering high quality vendors in one app, making it easier to browse through and choosing the perfect vendor for any event. It will also be easier to view information and contact potential vendors individually, overall making the search for vendors a much simpler and stress-free process!

Comment down below how you would search for event vendors and what issues you have encountered along the way…


Hi @eva.liu,

Absolutely, I’d imagine that would be most people first thing to do these days. Use Google or it’s likes to sivt through tons of information (especially when it is a big crowd of people event with lots of demanding points to tackle), research for a variable values of information like pricing, ratings, sustainability, professional level etc.
It’s without a doubt out of discussion that Vendoir provides simplicity, order and speed to the whole “rabit hole” process, where a ordinary person would definitely get lost and event manager would loose time/money.Yes, event managers perhaps have established contacts with several vendors and work with those but now Vendoir provides another level of efficiency and productivity to those (the ones that don’t use it will feel the age of those using Vendoir).

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Thank you for your response. I completely agree with you, it’s great to know that you believe in Vendoirapp as much as we do!"

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