How event planning with Vendoir will work😎

Wondering how to plan an event effectively? There’s a lot that goes into organising an event, from choosing your venue to selecting the vendors you need. The key is effective and accurate preparation. The aim of Vendoir is to take away all the hassle and faff using the latest technology so that you can focus on enjoying your event. This guide features a few steps where our technology will simplify the process.

  1. Set an event budget

Our Budgeting feature when organising event will ensure you stay within your budget and never exceed it…

  1. Talk to Vendors

Your next step to consider when organising an event is finding the right vendors for your event. Our app enables you to streamline your vendors than to your required culture. So if you were organising an event were you strictly want someone with experience in a specific genre of music our culture feature would pull that up for you within a few seconds

  1. Send reminders to your Vendors

No need to worry about this our Vendors will automatically be notified via push notifications and emails. However, if you did want to message them you always could via our instant in app chat.

  1. Enjoy yourself

Most importantly sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while we take care of the legwork with our technology.

  1. Remember post-event activities

Remember to rate and review your vendor so that you can tell them how they can improve on their next event.