Vendoir is a great way to make a bit of extra cash :money_with_wings:, meet new people and utilise your talents by offering them as a service :dancer:. A lot of people sign up and wonder how they can give themselves the best chance of receiving bookings :white_check_mark:.

There are a few steps you as an vendor can easily . Here’s our list of 9 things you can do to get more bookings on Vendoir :white_check_mark:.

1. Make sure your profile is complete

If your profile isn’t complete, event organisers won’t feel like they can trust you. Have nice service pictures :framed_picture:, we recommend uploading 4 to 5 high quality pictures of you in action. Additionally, make sure your service description is accurate and well detailed like the examples below but catered to your vendor service:


I’m an energetic DJ passionate about music and delivering a remarkable DJ service. I can assure you that you and your guests will have an unforgettable time with non-stop great music. My wide selection of tunes can be tailored to your event’s specific theme and includes hits from any genre, and I also entertain live requests. I make sure I’ll arrive on time. If you’re looking for a versatile and professional DJ :notes: you’ve found him. I’m fully insured and pat tested. My service will include a PA system, lighting, and microphone but all of this are customizable.

Whether it’s a small party or a large event, I have got you covered! I perform all genres of music and read the crowd to keep your guests jumping on the dance floor all night long! I will provide you with the perfect soundtrack of your song selection to make your event even more memorable! This service comes with all necessary equipment and a premium, crystal-clear sound system. Experience the stunning lighting show by our LED & laser light system with vivid colours and sharp beams.


Are you having a party this year? Looking for someone to capture the fun, details & celebrations? Then book me today & let me focus on what matters whilst you enjoy the party. I’m very approachable & more than happy to capture every moment on your special day. I have a wide variety of camera equipment from off-camera flash, wide-angle & telephoto lenses, high-end professional cameras that are capable of a 4K video :camera_flash:, nothing will get by without being photographed. Typically, we use a vibrant, natural looking style with creative effects applied subtly where appropriate.

Capture your event whether it’s a music festival, a local government event, exhibition, weddings or conference, company Christmas party, or sporting occasion. I offer a natural photojournalistic style coupled with creative and contemporary photography; this helps to create beautiful images of your event. Also specialised in drones to add some epic twist when needed. We keep it fun and ensure you have a blast all day! I am unique, creative and explore various methods as possible to capture your day.

2. Have an eye-catching Service Name

Your service name is likely the first thing that a potential event organiser will see about your listing, so you’ll want to make sure that it’s eye-catching :rocket:, but also explains clearly what your customers can expect from your property. If you offer something unique and different make sure this is mentioned in your listing.

3. Make sure your photos show off you in action

Your photos are the best opportunity you have to really show your potential customers what to expect, so you’ll want your photos to be clear, well-lit and to show as much of your service in action. Make sure to take them with a good camera or a smartphone with a high quality camera. If you really want to go the extra mile, there are photography services available that will make your photos look professional. We also recommend uploading 4 to 5 pictures :movie_camera:, so really take your time with this. Additionally if you have a video on YouTube of your service in action, you can easily upload onto Vendoir.

4. Turn on instant book

Instant book is a feature that enables event organisers to book your services without your approval beforehand. If you’re confident that you’ll always be available at certain times, it can improve your number of bookings :white_check_mark:in two ways - firstly, event organisers like the ability to book without the hassle of having to request first. Secondly, Vendoir’s ranking algorithm favours listings with instant book enabled.

5. Reduce your minimum required hours

Reduced number of hours :hourglass_flowing_sand: for your service, can be frustrating - they aren’t always worth the hassle and sometimes you can end up making a loss. Because of this, a lot of vendors have a minimum number of hours you can book them for. However, our early traction suggest that vendors who are more flexible with their working hours tend to get more bookings.

6. Don’t cancel your reservations

Once you’ve got a booking, make sure you see it through :chart_with_upwards_trend: - Vendoir doesn’t look favourably upon vendors who cancel. If you know you’re going to be away or have plans, block those dates off on your Vendoir calendar, to avoid this inconvenience from occurring.

7. Keep your response rate at 100%

Your response rate on Vendoir is the percentage of messages that you responded to within 12 hours over the past month. Make sure your push notifications are enabled so that you never miss a message or a booking :mailbox:.

8. Think carefully about your pricing

It’s tempting to go straight in for high rates when you first create your listing - but this will only put event organisers off, especially if you don’t have any reviews yet. First, check the pricing of similar listings on the app, and make sure you’re not above this. Try lowering your pricing :money_mouth_face:when you first start out, just to build up some bookings and good reviews, and then bring it back up again later on. Alternatively, get in touch with us on for more advice.

9. Make sure you get good reviews

This might sound obvious, but it can still be tricky! You’ve got your first booking - now make sure you get a good review for it. Be friendly welcoming and on time for your booking, respect your guests’ privacy, and make sure you respond to their messages. Ask them if they’d kindly leave you a review, and leave them a nice review :raised_hands: as well.

This isn’t by any means a definitive list, but using these tips should get you started on the path to increasing your bookings and making the most out of using Vendoir.