Improvements to the Insights Page

Once again, I would like to congratulate you on launching something very innovative, I do however has some qualms with your insight page. I think this could be improved by making it a bit more engaging, it seems very bland at the moment.

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Hi, @Mensor24
Early investor here, it’s always good to improve things no doubt about it, however it is not hard to cross the line between clean lean and simplistic design and overcrowded, overloaded with functions , colours , buttons, photos etc. products.
One such example is a social app I can’t even remember their name at the moment, but it put me off from investing in it because after downloading it I literally felt sick of the far too much going on and overstimulation of my senses.
I’m sure they’ll appeal to some on the market but if history is something to measure by, overstimulation can’t offer great example of successful companies and products.
I will certainly get back with the app so everyone can see it but I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean


valid point! you touch on an important aspect the easy way of understanding how to use Vendoir, which was very straightforward for me from the onset!

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