Investor Meet-Up 19/05/2022 1PM

Join us for our first investor event of the year next Thursday from 1PM.

A chance to meet our founding team and find out what the next steps looks like for Vendoir.,S1GrxR2gj06BfPWIpppVPA,9DSFOQQfq0CxblHa-2-NCA,wQhQFSzcZUqwvHmkekkLfg,hU2--WxrzUuculZCGeeHkQ,1N3WIaasxEy4Pb6FCqBWbg?mode=read&tenantId=218697d5-677f-4026-b07d-cc94db661796


Quick reminder our first meet-up of the year is tomorrow at 1pm

Here is the link to register:,S1GrxR2gj06BfPWIpppVPA,9DSFOQQfq0CxblHa-2-NCA,wQhQFSzcZUqwvHmkekkLfg,hU2--WxrzUuculZCGeeHkQ,1N3WIaasxEy4Pb6FCqBWbg?mode=read&tenantId=218697d5-677f-4026-b07d-cc94db661796

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Thank you all for joining the meet-up, we had a really productive time and we are so glad to share the vision with so many of you.

Here are some key takes to take away from the meet-up:

:moneybag: Our pre-money valuation for this round is £3,950,000
:iphone: Public app launch will occur next month
:partying_face: Campaign will go live in private at the end of the month
:money_with_wings: Around £87,000 worth of SEIS left, based on the expression of interest
we have seen we expect the allocation to be used up very quickly. Full EIS allocation available.

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