List of targeted potential vendors!

Hi guys,
See I only work nights and when quiet ideas starts poping up.
Got a few questions for you guys.
-Do you have a list of the businesses Vendoir should target through the social media campaign(you most certainly do probably☺)?
Is jewellery rentals for lavish parties, balls and weddings etc. on that list?
How about games for parties like this website those are definitely your target aren’t they?

My other question is related to all this VR metaverse thing going right now, wouldn’t it be nice for people to be able to use Vendoir VR ready so they can virtualy visit the premises they would like to rent and see them in different styles of set ups or empty so for instance they can deside in their homes rather than go and see for themselves (obviously if they got a VR,).
I do honestly expect with metaverse kicking in, graphics and tech evolution the use of VR to gradually rise so I thought the more value you pack in Vendoir now the more powerful it will be and practically make pointless or weak the competition.
By the way I’m all in (well most of my investment, I know …I diversified my investments:) on the next round of fundraising, cos I know you’ll smash the hell out of it, especially now with the prospects of all regulations being gone by the second half of 2022, I seriously can’t wait to see Vendoir in action.
I mentioned Vendoir to my ops.(Hilton) manager and she got more exited than me about it lol.
My partner and my manager both agree the world definitely needs Vendoir.
I got more questions for you on the way but later when I’m on my holiday as I need to formulate it well.
Thank you.

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Thank you for this message, to answer the first question yes we have been targeting such businesses and many more. The aim is for Vendoir to become an event planning super app with several more really exciting vendors. What you have mentioned has always been part of our Vendoir roadmap. More importantly, the response we have had from our Instagram campaign has been breathtaking which we will briefly touch on in our shareholder update this month. We have several announcements this month, it’s going to be an extremely busy and productive January for us and we can’t wait to share this with you, touching and expanding on a lot of the things you have mentioned.

Metaverse hasn’t been discussed yet as we still feel it’s imperative we nail down the core experience of the app first. But without revealing too much just yet the plans we have for the various features rollout throughout the next 12 months are very exciting.

Nonetheless, please feel free to add the various features you think would work amazingly with Vendoir in this topic on our forum Cool :sunglasses: Features Topic! - Building Vendoir - Vendoir Community

Hope you have an amazing holiday too, you deserve it!

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