New fundraising questions

Hi guys,

On the last update I got a question please, did I understand correctly that the shares issued this fundraising round are going the be direct? (I was told investments under 10K will be in nominee).
Just wonder if so why the change.

Also why did you choose SeedLegals vs any other platform say Seedrs (which just merged with the US counterpart, Republic it now exposes to European and US investors).

Caroline Hofmann, COO at Republic, said, “We’ve enjoyed getting to know Seedrs over the past months and are confident that this relationship will be beneficial to startups with a global reach. Our American investors will now have the opportunity to invest in companies in the UK and Europe. The partnership offers great opportunities for investors on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Thank you


@StrikeLog, many thanks once again for your questions; we really appreciate the support and belief you have in our vision. As you remember from our last conversation, investments under 10K will be nominees; however, we have decided to make shares from this private round directly to thank our investors who backed us during this challenging period. Also, Seedlegals was the most efficient and cost-effective way to raise this round with our existing investors, family and friends. The good news is we have spoken to Seedrs, and they are ready for us to go on their platform, but we plan to do this early next year once we have secured funds from VCs and use Seedrs or Crowdcube to top up with both new and existing investors. Raising via crowdfunding is always at our heart, and we plan to do this next year once the economy is stable.

Thanks once again, and speak soon.



Hi, first of all well done on the progress made so far. To now be open for registration in 50 countries is amazing however I expect you will need the funds to support this. How is your current cash flow and do you have any timescale on future fundraisers? Thanks

Hi @aaronhand, thank you for your message and your kind words about our progress so far. We are thrilled to be open for registration in 50 countries and are excited about the opportunities this brings.
Regarding your question about our current cash flow and future fundraising plans, we would like to inform you that all updates will be detailed in our upcoming investor update, which is due to be sent out at the end of this month. We are currently preparing for our next funding round, and we will keep our investors informed of any progress.
Thank you for your continued support, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.