New Look Website Launched 🚀

New website

As we move closer to our app launch :rocket:, we felt that we needed to give our website some TLC to match the branding and direction of the UX/UI of our app. The feedback so far has been positive and we couldn’t have done any of this without our fantastic community :people_holding_hands:.

Thank You!!




Will you be looking to accept any type of crypto currency or anything or will this be traditional currency only?



Hi Aaron,

For the MVP no but the way the app is been built means that we can easily plug in a cryptocurrency processing service with ease. Although, we haven’t got this in our roadmap as of yet its certainly something that can’t be ruled out at a later stage as cryptocurrency is becoming a more acceptable way of conducting transactions throughout the world.


Exciting to see the progress! I would recommend giving the website a good scrub, as I only spent a couple of minutes scrolling around and found some errors. While not nearly as critical as the actual product and UX/UI, the website is a gateway for customers and should be buttoned up, in my opinion. Some screenshots below:


I absolutley agree, this is front of house point, first impressions customers get.
It looks unprofessional if people start spotting spelling mistakes and typos. If you guys want people to take you seriously this sorta thing shouldn’t be happening. There are planty of handy software which could help reduce all of this, it structures your sentences in a correct manner and suggest new word if one repeats often.


Thank you for this feedback, we identified a number of spelling mistakes prior to the holidays. We aim to have all errors ironed out in the next few days.

Thanks as always for your contribution to this forum. We identified these spelling errors prior to the holidays and we will have all these rectified over the next coming days as the full team return from the break👍🏾

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