Other kinds of vendors

Hi guys, perhaps other kinds of vendors like rent of party props, masks and costumes hire should be invited to Vendoir too as it is part of the event industry.
I’m sorry if I missed this but I didn’t catch at any point weather or not this part of the event vendors will be on Vendoir.
Another I can think of is the special effects(fire works etc), lights and sound proffecionalls, florists, temporary structures hire (stages, tents etc.)


@StrikeLog thanks for your feedback and support as always. The vision for Vendoir is to have all event vendors listed in our platform and for it to be the go-to app for any vendor you require for an event, including the ones you have listed. I am sure you will agree with me all of this needs to be in a phased approach, but they are all in the pipeline, and we will continue to notify everyone once we start onboarding various types of vendors in the future.


Hi guys just came across this

Is such vendors possible to include in Vendoir eventually?
My partner works in casino as a croupier but it never crossed my mind that is possible (legal ) to hire for private events.

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Hello again jents,
I’m wondering about the following, what’s there in place to prevent/make it hard, difficult, pointless/ people from browsing vendors on Vendoir than contacting them outside the app so they can avoid charges?
I got a few suggestions in this direction but I’d like to hear what you have in mind first please.

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This is a part of the roadmap for us and will be onboarded as a vendor at some stage this year. We have a dynamic pricing model coded into our domain modeling which enables us to onboard virtually any kind of vendor you can think of :grinning:

The first step is obviously to ensure that it’s easy enough to contact the vendor via our app so that the customer doesn’t feel the need to leave the app. So to tackle this we have an in-app chat functionally within the app which is like having a conversation on WhatsApp very straightforward and easy to navigate.

Then there is the whole element of secure payments, ratings & reviews via the app, and the easier user journey for both the customer and vendor that I think most users will appreciate. There is also the added element that vendors don’t pay commission on our platform so the vendors will get the same money on Vendoir as they would outside so that should also encourage the vendor to prompt the users to get them via Vendoir too.

So, the benefits of conducting transactions via Vendoir far outweigh the idea of going outside the app for anyone who is a digital native and appreciates the on-demand experience. There is much more obviously but we could go on forever :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Lastly, we will have warning messages pop up in our chat similar to Fiverr and Amazon if you were trying to take the conversation of the platform.

Hope this answers some of your questions, but ultimately building the perfect product for the user should tackle people feeling the need to leave the platform.

Be good to hear what you was thinking!


Thank you @YJames
for the extensive answer, I love everything about it and yes I agree most people will stay with the app for the convince, security, functionality the more comprehensive the app is it will make pointless the development of competitor apps in my opinion.
Good selling points apart from everything else (for the vendors) to stay in app are the rating system, so only people purchasing within the app having the ability to post a review and rate the vendors which is obviously important to the vendor .
(1)Another good selling point(for the customer) i though is if the app has multiple options of payments with finance
PayPal, Klarna, V12 etc.
I hate it as a customer, when I find something i like and i have to do application all over again when say I got a credit approved with say PayPal but the website doesn’t use PayPal. It obviously saves time but also avoids doing credit checks.
(2)And the other thing I was thinking of was something like a loyalty scheme.
Say the more you’re using Vendoir the better rates of fees you get .
(3 )Also being a big user (like a event planner or a customers who often use the app) to have more impact on the ratings than the occasional ones, since they have a better overview of the services , perhaps an icon/badge that indicates and differentiate between those would be helpful.
A profile badge It sertificates the user of its status as one who has used many and different vendors.

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Thanks for all this dialogue, this community element is why we also think we will have an edge. Just me and you talking about how we should shape our product is going to no doubt be an great factor contributing to what we have been discussing here today, as we go on to build a global brand which we know can scale to millions.

To answer your points directly in relation to (1) we will for sure add various payment methods. This is a conversation we regularly have internally so more payment methods is something that will happen for sure. We are also working towards flexible payment solutions where users can split payments over time, so in terms of payments we are definitely seeing what you are seeing :sweat_smile:

(2) This here is something we are planning for our public launch. We plan on having a ambassador referral programme similar to Airbnb did in their early days and a lot marketplace apps still use today plus a bunch of other discounted terms for our frequent users.

(3) the display badge idea is something we feel strongly about. We plan on having various forms of tags such as Super Vendors for our best vendors. In addition badges for our frequent customers and our crowd investors on the platform to make it even more interesting fun.

Love all the points you have highlighted because they are things we regularly talk about too. We have a long list of some great things we are going to roll out throughout the year of things we know everyone will love.

The good thing is that we are building this product for ourselves as users too because we have experienced a lot of these issues first hand as we have worked in the industry. With the community by our side no doubt we can take this thing to the moon, and loving every bit of the idea of building this app with our community :sunglasses::rocket: