Road to 1million

Here we go guys, ok obviously CHATGPT is mostly used by tech savy people(especially programmers) I believe, so it shouldn’t be a surprise it spreads like a wildfire but here is some interesting information on the road to a million for other applications.
Realisticaly how long for Vendoir to get there you think, consideringit should be used from all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds, just like Facebook or Twitter ?
I’m obviously wild guessing but based on no statistics, I’d say 2/3 years from the app release.
Clearly it depends on multiple factors but it gives a rough idea of how long it takes to establish


Hi @StrikeLog thanks for sharing these key stats, very insightful and this has motivated us even more to see investors like you believing we can hit 1M users in the next 2/3 years. We believe strongly that this is achievable and Vendoir is about to see that ripple effect which will enable us to scale rapidly. In addition, this journey can be achieved if we all play our part in spreading Vendoir to family, friends, colleagues and our network. We would be sharing our pitch deck for our seed round shortly and lots of key information about how we want to scale and our roadmap. Thanks once again for your support and confidence in us.


On the road :red_car: to 1m :raised_hands:t5:

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