Slight improvements to Inbox

Hi Vendoir,

Im an investor from your Crowdcube round, it’s astonishing what you have managed to achieve in such a short time, and I can see improvements on a weekly basis which is great. Regarding your current inbox visuals, its seems a bit poor from a UI point of view. Do you have any plans of improving this, I was thinking in the direction of Telegram, Whatsapp and etc.

Again, well done to you all and really excited about the future for Vendoir as I know its a genuine problem.


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Hey Drizzybaby!

The inbox screen is definitely something we need to improve on and I can confirm that it is on our to-do list, but as you will see with the next update - there are quite a few things we are improving in terms of UI design, so it might take some time before we get to this particular screen.

In the meantime, maybe you can throw in some examples of what UI features in Telegram and Whatsapp we should aim towards?