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Hi everyone,
Just saw ad about this

I’m wondering is there way to promote Vendoir on such summits and large venues throughout the UK all year around. I mean this is only one I found but looking arround there is also plenty other annual summits and events going on, Dj’s, Photography, Catering etc. all in the realm targeted by Vendoir.
On those venues the second most important thing they should talk about (other than their main reason for gathering) is Vendoir really to be honest.
Because it simplify all those people’s lives as well as to their customers.
As to the sign in with FB, GOOGLE accounts etc. recommendations suggested by some in the forum I would like to join in with them as this definitely makes life easy and safe for the users. I’m guessing there will be or that comes with it the
2FA , not sure correct me if I’m wrong.


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Hi StrikeLog,

We are working towards something like this in Q1 next year, its a part of our Do not scale strategy that is being prepared by @YJames. We aim to really ramp up our in person community efforts and putting Vendoir in some of these summits is definitely a major part of our strategy.

Regarding Social sign in that’s something we want to have shipped before December.

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