Starbucks buisness model

Hi guys, I was reading your lates news letter and thinking how fast and solid Vendoir is growing. Obviously you mentioned the crowdfunding and the generating income etc.
But I was thinking, how about if you include the business model of Starbucks, where if I understood correctly people who participate the rewards programme basically hold money with Starbucks and that is how the corp get access to 0 interest finance on top of the investments they receive of investors holding their shares.
We all know people do plan their partis and events, weddings etc. and open accounts and start saving money in it, with trackers informing them on how much a day or a month they need to put aside to get the budget they need for their life time events.
Can’t Vendoir incorporate such practice through marketing and rewards programs bring in fresh pool of money that can keep the app developing
afloat and financialy stronger than relying on just revenue and fundraising. The way they getting away with it , not paying for banking licences is that it is a rewards program
I personally think what Starbucks have done is brilliantly clever.