Vendoir Competitors

Since I’m so invested in Vendoir’s story and success. I thought it is a good idea for us all to keep tabs on any competition that crops up. To my knowledge Vendoir is the first on-demand app for the events industry, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Who else is someone using if they are not using Vendoir?

I’m not using it but I’ve heard of Bark, and have seen few startups aiming at things like hiring chef’s, bar staff/catering etc. But nothing as comprehensive as Vendoir at least to my knowledge.
By the way @YJames @OshomaZ one of my colleagues at work is security staff and he suggested security companies should be on Vendoir’s list , which makes sense when organising some venues.
The unique thing about Vendoir is that it works towards “all in one app” solution that should cover even the most sophisticated and demanding venues where all sorts of vendors may be in need like,

  • transport
  • photographers/ videographers
  • musicians/comedians /illusionists/entertainment actors, dancers
  • catering
  • props hire
  • dj/ mc’s
  • pyrotechnics
  • decorations
  • audio-visual technicians/companies
  • activities vendors / like team building vendors, paintball, escape rooms etc./
  • private gambling venues hire
    and this last one probably security companies too.
    I’ve never heard of anything like that so far, even in development.
    I can’t wait to see the next batch of services Vendoir will upload.
    Any chance to share when would that be guys, approximately?
    Vendoir has the opportunity to be several years ahead of any such competition that may begin edevelop in the present time (:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:hopefully none is tho) , and establish as a market lider so therefore by covering every possible aspect of event building, making pointless for anything similar to be built or even exist.I know I might ensound horrible but is no brainer really if anything so comprehensive exists is inevitable to naturally eliminate the competition.
    I mean look at Amazon and the amount of stores it closed, even big name stores altho they got their own websites are selling on there.
    I know the guys will succeed, I just hope we can get more funds on board because it is a quite a huge task to build all that in and build the hype for it I can imagine. I would strongly advise any coinvestors here to make sure they bag up on shares before this whole thing lift of because the next funding round is going to be the very last where affordable shares of Vendoir can be bought, comes 2024 it will be a very different ballgame if everything goes to plan.(clearly do your research as always)
    Looking at the numbers on boarding Vendoir (currently arround 2k). If people on board as 2k every 4/5 months, that’s about 10k by mid 2024. However these numbers I assume are without intensive marketing and hype arround Vendoir so far.
    I imagine, when that comes in to play the growth will beat the 2k/5 months mark easily.
    I would like to suggest when future expansion campaign close up to consider my all time favourite Mr. Carl Cox as one possible figures to present Vendoir to the world in a Big Bang fashion style of his please.