Vendoir in other markets šŸŒŽ

We for sure want to go international one day, sooner than later :slight_smile:

Where do you think we should explore?

What country do you think Vendoir will work well in?

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Definitely Iā€™d begin with North America(US Mexico Canada got friends in all three) and
Europe (lots of connections here too) should be the first two legs.(Iā€™d work on EU and US in parallel).
Going forward I got friends and colleagues in lots of other places throughout the world so that will definitely be utilised when the time comes
[Edit] On a second thought, when Vendoir lands where I know people, can we give those folks some sort of benefit(perhaps discount of using the services for every customer they bring in ) for their word spreading.
Hope this helps :blush:

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For sure north america, i was speaking to a friend in California today and he mentioned how if this was introduced over there it would spread like wild fire.