Vendoir Swag 👚

Evening Peeps!

A few have been asking about their Vendoir swag, aiming to have this with you all around the time of our app launch :heart_eyes: I know you all will love the swag!!


Hi Yoma,

Would we get the option to have the Hoodies in various colours? If yes, how do we chose a colour prior to getting our rewards?

All the best :slight_smile:

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Hi Shalom

Hope you are well? :grinning: we intend on allowing colour & sizing options, additionally, we intend on sending out a survey to all our investors next month for their various rewards. You should be Vendoir swaged up around the time of our app launch. :raised_hands:t6: :raised_hands:t6: :raised_hands:t6:


Hi, when are you targeting your launch for? Thanks

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your question, We hope to launch in the next 2-3 months. Development is coming along really well so that is a massive positive.


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