We are in BETA 🚀

Dear All,

Great News! We are opening up our beta launch tomorrow, and are just starting to invite our first users. If you haven’t registered yet, we would like you to be part of this, so please could just take a couple of minutes to fill out this short form so we can get to know how best to serve you during the beta launch!

Click the button below to get started!
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Our community of investors is the bedrock of Vendoir. If you have any questions please get in touch with us at info@vendoir.com.

Kind Regards,

Team Vendoir

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Dear Community

We are now officially in BETA for our IOS Community, if anyone else wants to participate. Kindly fill out the below questionnaire:


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Hi guys,
Now that beta is available for IOS can I ask friends from overseas to give it a try?
Can they download the app and have a fiddle?
I mean they obviously wouldn’t be able to actually plce a purchase but could they explore the app?

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Hi @StrikeLog Happy Sunday and I hope you are well. The first phase of the beta testing is opened to our investors as a top priority and then SMEs in the event industry like your friends and this could be anybody around the world. So yes, this is possible, could you please ask them to complete the Beta Testing questionnaire below and we can provide them access so they can test the user experience, book or onboard as a vendor and provide us with feedback. All data is currently not live so anyone can fiddle with it and place a booking. Once this phase is completed, we would move into the next phase which is to start onboarding our waitlist and actual transactions and booking can take place. I hope this helps.

Hi guys,
How to get access to Beta ? I’m trying to find any info but literally nothing?
Did you go ahead with it?

you should’ve received an email, did you not?

are you IOS or android

No email

i sent you an message

Hi @OshomaZ ,
I got friend in Canada who is trying to get access to the app, he’s filled the sign up form but he hasn’t received the instruction email yet.
All folders of hes email have nothing yet.
Here is the email he sign up with:
He is an apple user and potentiall investor who can get more people investing and spreading the word over there.
Thank you for your help

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Hi @StrikeLog so good to hear from you and appreciate your support in spreading vendoir to your network. We would be onboarding more testers tomorrow and Tom is on the list, so kindly let him know he will receive an email tomorrow from TestFlight and another to join the Beta Community. Please let me know when you are available this week as it will be good to catch up.

Hello, @OshomaZ,
I tried sending message in private but it doesn’t seem to have worked, I must have done something wrong lol,sorry.
I’ll be off till Friday including to catch up.

Hi @StrikeLog good to hear from you. Are you available tomorrow today at 4 pm or tomorrow at 2 pm for a call? Apologies did not get your previous message.

Hi, can we get an update on how the Beta testing has gone so far and how long you envisage being in test for before opening up to real transactions? Also is there any news on the new funding round and when this may be? Thanks

Hi @aaronhand good to hear from you, Beta testing is going well, we have received feedback from testers but the good news is the majority of the feedback are nice to have and nothing really on the functionality. We plan to commence beta testing with Andriod next week so invites will be sent out soon. There are two key areas we are fine-tuning to ensure it has a smooth experience for our public launch. These include identity verification, Push & email notification. We aim to complete this shortly and commence our referral & discount feature which will be key during our public launch. We aim to go live in Q2 in line with our seed round and to update you on that, we have now completed our pitch deck and now reaching our potential strategic investors. We would provide full details in our next investor’s update which is due in April.

Hi @OshomaZ ,
Tommorow at 2pm sounds good.
No worries
Also please can you help me get my friend
in Canada Tom
On board for testing as it doesn’t seem to be working for him.
He is followed all steps in the emails and this is what he gets, please see the screenshot attached

Hi @StrikeLog, Great! I’ll send out an invite shortly to invex78@gmail.com. In regards to your friend Tom, he needs to click on Redeem and input the code provided to him in the Testflight email before he will be able to download the app. Please let me know if he still encounters any issues.

All good now,
He got it now.
Thank you

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Hi, @OshomaZ ,
please excuse my ignorance, what is
Potential strategic investors?
Is that VC etc. When is the Crowdcube round coming, is that somewhere towards the end of Q2.

Hi, @StrikeLog Potential Strategic Investor could be a VC or Angel investor who has experience in what we are building and can bring value to the company. We have commenced the process of trying to reach out to VCs as well as High Net Worth Angel Investors and in the next Investors Update due in April, we would be announcing our plans for our Seed Raise. We are targeting the end of Q2 (May/June). I hope this helps.

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