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Dear All

Welcome to our community forum, a place where both customers and vendors alike can get together and discuss all the great things they get up to while using Vendoir. As you know, we are creating an on-demand app where customers can book event vendors in minutes for any events or occasions. Everyone is welcome to join our forum as we build an app that will be loved by many and accommodate all services in the event industry. That said, we have five core services that we are launching with our MVP: DJs, Photographers, MC/Hosts, Bands, and Videographers. If you provide any of these vendor service’s, please send a request to join any of these groups.

Here is the link to all the different types of groups that you can join: Vendoir Community.

Don’t be shy feel free to say hi

Thank you

Yoma James Kukor.


Hi All, welcome to our forum! Happy to answer any questions you might have and I look forward to the journey ahead of us :rocket:!


Great looking forward to this!

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Fantastic, I look forward to seeing the developments…


My friend told me about what you guys are doing this is massive i think, I just became a DJ and I have no clue where to start and I think Vendoir seems like a good place to start. Gutted I missed the crowd round, hopefully, there will be an opportunity again in the near future because I really believe this is a massive problem.

Anyways, I think you guys are doing a fantastic thing cant wait for the app to be released, joined the waitlist to telling all my mates about this too!!!


Morning @DJDanielBrewer thank you for the warm words its very encouraging to see as your experience is similar to mine. I have always wanted to be a DJ but wasn’t sure how to go about it, I’m looking forward to using Vendoir for this too, so it certainly shows a gap in the market for sure, concerning the crowdfunding round shame you missed out as it would’ve been nice to have you as a shareholder from day one. Nonetheless, I don’t know when the next crowd around will be but we will for sure announce it on our forum. Really good to have you on board and we look forward to building Vendoir with you and your pals in our corner :smiley:

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