What’re you MOST looking forward to from our APP 📱

Good Day everyone :wave:!

Your number one blogger is back :upside_down_face: since we have set up this amazing community forum we have seen our traction grow gradually, so I thought it would be cool to ask you the community what excites you most about Vendoir :call_me_hand:

Personally, as an event planner who has seen my taxi ordering habits change with Uber and my food ordering habits change with Deliveroo, I’m particularly looking forward :money_mouth_face: to using an app where I can order vendors for my events with a few taps.

So, what’s yours?

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It will be nice to see option for customers to be able to hire all sorts of exquisite and unique vehicles, limousines, retro cars, racing cars, military vehicles, helicopters etc.(everything for everyone, :slightly_smiling_face:). I know this feature is in the app I just hope it includes all sorts of attractive ways for the couples to arrive at their weddings. Intact this feature can be used in marketing like adverts and such where a couple arrives in something weird and silly like a amphibian, the music stops it gets really quiet, everyone stares stunned something like that lol


What makes me excited about Vendoir is the fact that we are solving a problem that many are facing daily and to see that our product will make life easy for all is exciting :star_struck: It will also give us the opportunity to source for any vendor for your event, such as a Limousine for your wedding as @StrikeLog mentioned all in one place. I have faced this problem on different occasions, so having a solution will make our lives easier and give us time to do other relevant things rather than spending on the internet sourcing for vendors on various platforms.