Win a £100 this Black Friday

We are giving away a cheeky Amazon Voucher :moneybag:

Black Friday is always a good time for people to pick up something new and exciting, we launched our app in July this year and since then, we have signed up thousands of users, organised multiple events, and generated extra cash for our Vendors.

Best community ever - As a little thank you to our thriving community, we want to give you the heads up about our Amazon £100 voucher giveaway:grin:

How to Enter

Since you have already downloaded and signed up to our app, all you need to do is visit our Instagram page, and comment your vendoir username on the giveaway post.

We wish you the best of luck :wink:


Gutted I missed out on this one, could’ve really done with an extra 100 quid for Christmas. Need to make sure I’m around for the next giveaway.